The Polack Archive is a companion site to my scholarly monograph, The Archive's East End, a study of archival theory and nineteenth-century East End literary culture. Maria Polack was one of the earliest known East End writers. She published her only known novel, Fiction Without Romance; or The Locket-Watch (1830) with the London publisher, Effingham Wilson. Polack turned to a local East End print shop to print her novel, J. Wertheimer.

Fiction Without Romance has slipped through the cracks of literary history. Included in this site is a digital edition of the novel as well as the paratexts from the British Library's physical edition. A chapter in my book examines the tremendous significance of these differing paratexts. This site will soon contain  visualizations developed from a database of  over two thousand names of subscribers to East End publications and charities. 

For a discussion of the ways in which digital and physical archives shape the meaning of their content see my study, The Archive's East End, including a chapter on data models and visualizations of East End subscription lists.

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