Fiction Without Romance; or The Locket-Watch (1830) was published by Effingham Wilson and printed by one of the most prominent East End printers, J. Wertheimer.

The digital edition of Fiction Without Romance makes Polack‚Äôs novel available to the public for the first time since 1830. In addition to publishing the complete novel, The Polack Archive includes the unique paratexts included in the British Library's copy of this novel that are strikingly different from those found in every other extant copy of the novel. As the Introduction explains, these unique materials--which include a unique title page, a notice to subscribers, and a subscription list--enable  us to trace Polack's method of bringing her book to the public. 

While Fiction Without Romance enables access to a rare novel by an East End writer and the first Anglo-Jewish novelist, the paratexts included on this site offer a related view of East End culture. Maria Polack's subscription list appears alongside  visualizations (maps and network displays) that connect this extraordinary novelist with literary communities in London, the provinces, and throughout the Atlantic world. Visitors to this site can see dynamic visualizations that work to recover East End literary, print, and philanthropic activities from 1812-1856.   

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