The Polack Archive


This project emerged over the course of many years through generous support from a number of people and organizations. Friends and colleagues have been instrumental in helping me track down details about Polack's life and her East End connections. Special thanks to Marina Delfos, Ainsley Henriques, Naomi Cream, and Toni Pitock for assistance finding Polack's connections throughout London and the Atlantic world. 

I'm also very grateful for grants from the Hadassah-Brandeis Institute who awarded me a Research Grant at an earlier stage of this project to support research on Maria Polack and Fiction Without Romance. The Bibliographical Society of America's Fellowship Program Award generously supported my early work on Maria Polack which layed important foundations for my thinking about The Polack Archive. 

Special and hearty thanks to Anneliese Dehner for her extraordinary technical support and artisitic talent. 

I would also like recognize the British Library's generosity in allowing me to publish on this site paratexts from their copy of Fiction Without Romance. Courtesy of ┬ęThe British Library Board, 1153.l.1, n.p.